COVID Safety

Please download the NHS COVID 19 App before your visit

With the new government guidelines we have implemented some new procedures. Please take a minute to familiarise yourself with them.

There will be limited table bookings available inside with the remainder being a first come, first serve, walk-in service.

Please remain seated at your designated table at all times, when not collecting drinks or using the toilet. Please refrain from touching any surfaces whilst making these necessary movements round the venue.

All tables and chairs must remain in place. You must not chair hop, move tables or allow others to join your table. People visiting with children are therefore asked to make sure that the children remain seated as well. Interaction, including conversations, with other tables will be highly discouraged. We kindly remind you that raised voices increases germ transmittance, therefore, please behave accordingly or you may be asked to leave.

There is a maximum number of 6 people in any group and you must arrive together to be seated. We will require contact details of at least one nominated person from each party. If you or a member of your group show symptoms please follow government guidelines and not attend the venue. If you or anyone in your group falls ill or shows any symptoms after visiting, we trust you will inform us at your earliest convenience so we may warn those you may have come in contact with during your visit.

Table service will operate inside and on the tables outside the front of the venue. Those seated out the back or on the roof terrace are asked to order at the order point to the far left of the bar. We ask that you order for the whole table to avoid unnecessary queuing at the bar. Please pay by contactless payments wherever possible. We are in the final stages of getting an App to streamline the ordering process.

Our toilets will be operating on a one in, one out system, with very limited queuing space. Please be mindful of other guests who may already be in the toilet and make sure you adhere to the social distancing guidelines. To be able to do this we must insist on only one customer occupying the toilets at any one time.

Please remember to wash your hands and use our hand sanitiser regularly. Especially before and after using our toilets and upon entering and leaving the building.

When queuing for entrance into the venue, toilets or the bar, please adhere to social distancing guidelines and respect the space of staff and other customers.

Our smoking areas will only be available to those who have been designated the outside tables. We kindly asking those sitting inside wishing to smoke to do so opposite the front of the building. This is to limit the possibility of encroaching into the space of other guests.

If you are seated outside and it begins to rain, we cannot guaranty you a table inside. If no tables are available, you will have to remain at your table or vacate the venue.

The external doors must stay open at all times to allow the flow of fresh air.

This is new to all of us too so please bear with us while we try and make your visit as comfortable as possible!

If you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of staff.